"My passion is exploring different methods of representing the 'ordinary' in extraordinary ways."

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"Andie I love your work! Have gone through the show 3x bringing various people along. It is amazingly able to draw a person in and hold them firmly to elements of the images, and involve our brains as well as our response to beauty. I hope you feel very proud and accomplished, as I’m sure it is exacting and focused hard, hard work. And your training /experience pay off. The result is one of a kind. Astounding. Thanks for sharing it with us!" ~ Lois Schwennesen

"Very exciting to think I'll get to look at those beautiful photographs every day. They really did stop me in my tracks at the Hardware Store Gallery." ~ Patricia Currie

"You made my morning!  Your work is fantastic and so well rounded! I'm especially enjoying your photography - your photos are literally blowing me away. They're so rich and intriguing, one after the next!" ~ Lauren Reed